What you might need

We work with the unlikely sectors, by unlikely we mean individuals, groups or organizations which are not likely to take up social media for their communication purposes. Such as…

  • Small and Medium Business Enterprises
  • Non profits Organizations
  • Establishments in Travel and hospitality industry; Food and Beverages industry; Publication Industry
  • Academicians – college students, professors, research scholars
  • Rural & cottage entrepreneurs
  • Creative and performance artists
  • Social leaders and marginalized communities

Social Media is about two way communication, dialogues, getting to know your market. So instead of spending too much time on this site, just talk to us, give a call or email or skype with me, the Sutradhaar and together we can explore opportunities of collaboration.

But before that, you might wanna know about who we are, who is the leading force behind us and what we have done so far. So click on the following tabs.