Social Media Saral


Basic package for grassroot level organisations


A basic entry level social media consultancy package for self funded organizations based at  non metro cities and towns.

The objective is 3 folds:

  • To create a basic portfolio for organizations with zero presence on social media, to help them make a start with their online communication.
  • Capacity building for organization’s staff: by providing them with hands on technical training and   interactive workshops on social media.
  • Create local content for the web from various parts of India, particularly non metro cities and towns, thereby bridging the gap between urban-rural.


Social Media Saral’ is a service specially designed for organizations and enterprises, operating out of the small cities and towns of India, so that they are empowered to benefit from the use of social media as done by their counterparts in the Metros cities.

Social Media is a collection of simple, freely available, easy to learn and use internet based tools and strategies which can be used to reach out to:

  • Global audience with causes and campaigns
  • Get access to global market
  • Create volunteers and support network
  • Showcase offline activities on the internet, brand building and fund raising

Broadband internet connection is rapidly penetrating the rural India. Many organizations across the non metro cities and towns already have the required infrastructures like computers, printers, scanners and broadband internet connections. But so far they have not been able to fully explore the internet. The result is a digital divide and a complete absence of localized content from rural India. There could be several reasons for an organization to not use social media:

  • Organizations don’t know about social media
  • Organization have low number of staff
  • Organization’s core activities have no connection to internet and social media or internet outreach is not seen as a part of core activities
  • Organization may be reluctant to use social media because of various myths and notions about internet and social media
  • Common myth that online media is costly and organization don’t have the budge to spend on internet
  • Most organizational staffs are from Humanities and Social Studies background so they are not comfortable with technology

The Social Media Saral is a service which aims at addressing each of these road blocks, demystifying pre conceived notions and simplify social media for organizations. This would be the first step towards creating a comprehensive online communication strategy by which an organization can gain the above mentioned benefits of social media and communications.

Step by step Actions and Outcome of the service

Step 1: Strategy Step 2: Implementation Step 3: Content Creation Step 4: Training of the Staff
  • Understand organisation’s business or cause and contextualize it with social media.
  • Answers the Q ‘how can the organisation benefit from using social media’
  • Implement of the strategy by creating organization’s BLOG – customize its design, pages, categories, tags according to the organization’s cause / activities
  • Create accounts on relevant social media platforms like TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, FLICKR etc.
  • Create or customize audio, visual and text content for the various social media platform

(Fresh content creation is done at extra cost. But no cost for customizing existing content)

  • Upload content  to the various social networking spaces and initiate conversations
  • Technical training on how to write and publish blog posts, internet etiquette etc.
  • How to make blog search engine friendly – Use of proper categories, tags, customize post URL with the right choice of words etc.
  • How to create & publish multimedia content on blog and on the other social media platforms.

Immediately after the project an organization would be able to have a digital identity and would be able to connect to an online audience interested in its work. The organizational staff would have to continue to run the online conversation started by this project and after 3 months, depending upon the organisation’s requirements, a follow up workshop could be conducted.

Project Completion time:

7 week days – Monday to Friday + working weekend

Cost and Logistics requirement

  • The cost of the project is Rs.16,000/- per organization provided the organization is self funded and has a staff capacity of 5 or less staff.
  • Cost of travel (from Delhi to city/town where organization is based), budget accommodation, food and local travel for one person for 7 days is extra. (If there are more than one project in the same city/town all organizations can share these costs)
  • The project would have to be conducted on site by working closely with the organization staff.
  • The organization would have to arrange for computers, internet connection, and projector.

To apply for this project please write to admin @ with your organization’s profile.

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