Main Services

Social Media Marketing (Consultancy cum Training) :

For Business Houses, SMEs, NGOs, Rural & Cottage industry, Travel and Hospitality industry, Food and Beverages industry etc.

  • Study the organization and contextualize its work with social media: Address questions such as ‘how and why would the organization gain by using social media?
  • Set an impact target and create a social communication strategy
  • Create Social Media portfolio according to the strategy: BLOG, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, FLICKR, SLIDESHARE, LINKEDIN etc.
  • Create multimedia content or customize existing content
  • Design & implement online marketing / cause campaigns to reach Global Audience
  • Build  sustainable volunteers and support network across the globe
  • Online showcasing of the organization’s on ground achievements
  • Online fund raising and E-commerce for Global Market

Trainings and workshops:

2 days hands on training for students, professors, home makers, Government officials, senior citizens, differently abled (For example Blogging outreach project)

  • How to get started with the various social media tools and use them for reaching to a global audience
  • How to create multimedia content for the web
  • Which are the most effective online portals for sharing content? How to upload content on these portals, how to tag and categorize them properly.
  • A training manual is given complimentary to all participants.

1 day Workshop on Demystifying and Contextualizing Social Media for Corporate managers, NGO heads, Top level Government officials, Academicians etc.

  • An in-depth workshop with an objective to help top level decision makers get familiar with social media and its immense potential in the growth of social business and communications.
  • The workshop brings subject matter experts from various fields as resources persons.
  • It uses a mix of power point presentations, live web browsing to study leading examples across the globe, scenario presentation and problem solving, group discussions etc.

Social Media Coverage (Online coverage) of outdoor events, conferences, film shows, community activities etc.

This includes Live Blogging, Twitter, Facebook updates, video upload on Youtube, images on Flickr in partnership with young film makers, videographers, photographers)

Social media advertising Ad films for Youtube, Flickr image gallery, search engine optimized content based upon the information provided by our clients about their organizations.

Multimedia Mapping projects (Google based maps with multimedia content on various themes relevant to the organization)

Online branding – Blog Banners, HTML badges, Side bar logos, images and more.


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