Point of View

Point of View in its present form, soon you will see the new version

Organization: Point of View, Mumbai

Profile and level: Non-profit organization with moderate social media presence.


First phase of an extended Online communication strategy for Point of View – Strategic recommendation, Execution and Staff Training

First phase: Re-launch of POV website.

The traditional website as it stands today is going to give way to a new theme based website with multimedia content and other social media themes and principles.

  • Assessment of POVs existing online presence and study its past and present programs and activities
  • Understand the basic objectives behind the organisation’s website and other web2.0 activities
  • Create a theme for the new website, design layout and other components, recommend steps to repackage old content for new website.
  • Work closely with the POV’s tech team, web designer and Program Director in order to manage the execution of the recommended steps and ensure the successful launch of the new website.
  • Act as a single point of contact for all parties involved during the entire process of creating the launching the new website.

The new website is going to be live soon. Please check back for more details by end of Sep’10

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