Social Media Coverage of Offline Events

Live Blogging and social media coverage

Social Media coverage of offline Events is an integral part of event management. Social Media coverage consists of:

  1. Pre event online promotion of the event, create support network around the event, if the same needs public support.
  2. Live blogging and tweeting during the event.
  3. Post event report writing and uploading of all event related photographs, articles, press mention, videos on various social media platforms.

The social media coverage ensures the following:

  • Greater visibility of the event on Search Engine results
  • Create online buzz
  • Helps followers of the event to connect with each other online and add to the buzz
  • Helps online audience to contribute to the event and enrich the conversations
  • Brings transparency to your work
  • Helps in crowd sourcing funds & resources during crisis

Find out more details on how social media coverage and live blogging can add value to an event here.

Our prices for Live Blogging alone is as follow:

The package:

  • Physical presence at the venue of event from start to end
  • Live blog posts created or updated every 15 to 30 mins
  • Client’s choice of blog platform
  • 10 photographs to go with the related blog posts
  • Hourly twitter update using Samyukta Media Twitter ID directing twitter traffic to Live blogs

Click here for our live blogging samples