Samyukta Media

A society in progress is often posed with two major road blocks, ‘access to emerging resources’ and ‘inclusiveness of all classes.

Social Media made simple and sustainable by Samyukta Media

In the first decade of 21st century the INTERNET, also known as the NEW MEDIA or (more recently) SOCIAL MEDIA, emerged as an invaluable resource. Internet has given the power of free publication in multimedia formats to the aam junta. While Google has revolutionized the information ecosystem, tools like blogs and social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc. have revolutionized the way we communicate and socialize. And the powerful role these services play in furthering social development needs no special mention.

But, access to SOCIAL MEDIA is currently restricted to the young, urban and technology users. SOCIAL MEDIA is not yet socially inclusive. This paradox led to the birth of ‘Samyukta Media’

Our mission is to take social media, as a powerful tool of communication to every door step at the bottom of the social pyramid.

Thus we love to work more with them who are unlikely users of social media:

  • Nonprofit Organizations (NGOs, NPOs)
  • Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs),
  • Establishments in industries like Food and Beverages, Travel and Hospitality, Publications, Entertainment.
  • Rural and cottage industry
  • Creative and Performance Artists
  • Academicians, Senior Citizens, Social leaders, Differently Abled, Home Makers etc.

Caution: Social Media is NOT to be used in ISOLATION

Therefore, we do not sell Social Media either as a product or service in isolation.

Before using social media, one must understand its relevance and the potential impact it has on one’s business or cause. One has to understand how social media is not something separate from an organization’s core work but an integral part of it.

Samyukta Media helps you in understanding Social Media.

We believe in hand holding organizational staff through the process of understanding social media, both its theoretical and practical aspects, simultaneously as we provide them the strategic & technical consultancy. Our aim is to simplify social media for them so that they are inspired and enabled to take it up on their own, without always depending upon a consultant.

It follows from there that our tag LineSocial Simle and Sustainablerepresents the core principle on which we work.