Social Media Saral – SMM For Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Enterprises, NGOs

We are relaunching the ‘Social Media Saral’ service for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs, MSMEs) and NGOs. This is a unique service with a vision and not just another marketing service.

We would like to explain that there are thousands of companies out there providing social media marketing which includes a basket of services. Whatever you ask them they will nod and say “Sure, we do that.”  Most of them are traditional PR / marketing companies and social media has become additional leg of activities.

Samyukta Media on the other hand was started with the vision, Simple, Social, Sustainable by TED Fellow, Sanjukta Basu who is one of the early user of Social Media tools in India and has seen its organic evolution. As such we see social media as an empowering tool and want the usage to be sustainable. “It is my objective that an organization should be able to run its campaign on SM on its own, without outsourcing it. But it needs hand holding in the beginning. With that vision I prepared the ‘Social Media Saral’ service.” Says Sanjukta about the thought behind the service.

To know more about the service download the 2 page brief from this link. (Also embedded below). For more details write to Sanjukta at sanjukta.basu23[@] or


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