MAMTA HIMC’s Social Media Strategy

Samyukta Media created the Social Media Communication Strategy for non profit organization MAMTA – Health Institute for Mother and Child. A well researched strategy is the first step for an effective social media communication and marketing. We at Samyukta Media create strategy in three main parts, 1) Review of existing social media visibility, 2) Communication strategy for 6-12 months 3) Engagement Strategy

1) Review of existing social media visibility: A preliminary research to take stock of the client’s existing social media communication was conducted and a report on relevance and impact was created which contained the organization’s social media visibility in various platforms, google search engine positions using various key words, comparative online visibility with peer organizations line SNEA Mumbai, CARE India, Smile Foundation was done and explained using charts and graphs.

comparitive analysis with peer org chart.png

2. Communication strategy: Based upon the report, a new communication strategy for three months was created which identified the target audience, nature of content relevant for each set of audience, suitable social media platform for respective content and audience, schedule of social media updates per month, methods to source or create content, projected growth in social media visibility, methods of monitoring and evaluation.

2016-02-24 (1)

3. Engagement Strategy: The third part of the strategy included aspects of social media interactions to be conducted by MAMTA to remain on top of the social media trends and discussions. List of networks, groups, brands to follow on various medium, and trending topics and hashtags on which MAMTA can provide commentary to position itself as a subject matter expert were identified.

Below is the complete Social Media strategy for the Delhi based non profit organization MAMTA HIMC. This project was done in Oct-Nov 2015.


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