What is Facebook EdgeRank, How it Encourages to Run Paid Promotions

Very few people in the Indian non-profit sector (NGO) understand how Facebook works. Our clients often ask us in wonder:

“We have 3000 Likes on our page, why only 2-3 people are liking our updates?”

“Because only 30 people have even seen your update.” We explain.

“What? But why? Why are the rest not seeing the update?”

“Because of the EdgeRank

EdgeRank is a secret algorithm that decides how many people, who and when get to see our updates in the ordinary circumstances. The higher your edgerank the better is the visibility of your updates. Your updates do not by default have a 100% visibility in your network. If you have a Facebook page with say 5000 fans, usually only 1-3% of those fans receive your updates in their newsfeed. If the EdgeRank of a particular post is high, some more people would see it, but it would never be 100%.

Although it remains a secret algorithm so nobody really fully knows how to calculate or increase EdgeRank there are 3 main components for it, Affinity, Weight and Time DecayAffinity means, more you interact with a page, you’d get more updates from it; Weight means updates which immediately start getting Likes, Comments, Shares goes higher on rank and would be seen by more people; And Time Decay means your content should be fresh and recent and not stale.

Simply put, for better EdgeRank:

  1. Make Updates with photos and videos rather than texts so that people interact with it
  2. Make updates which are short and gets instant reaction because the more people interact with more people would see it
  3. Make frequent updates, because the more recent is the update, better visibility

It sounds simple in theory but in practice increasing this Edgerank is a constant challenge at times even frustrating. Individuals keep wondering why I have such less Likes on my latest selfie, and companies and NGOs wonder where is my ROI (return on investment). Effectively it encourages Page owners to run paid promotions of their updates so that it can beat the ordinary EdgeRank and reach more people.

Paid promotions can be done at a comfortable budget starting at Rs.40 per day. More money you add, more people would get it. Although the returns on such paid promotions would also eventually depend upon EdgeRank, other secret algorithms, and the quality of your content.

The good guys at Mashabale have a wonderful Infographic to explain this better. Check out here.


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