Fun Facts: Bourbon biscuits brings strong memories

Did you know the Bourbon biscuit has a history of its own?

The sandwich biscuit with a thick layer of smooth chocolate inside and sparkling sugar sprinkled on top was first introduced in the year 1910 by British biscuit company Peek Frean & Co. The same company included the Marie in 1875.

The company which opened in 1866 in England, was the first mass producer of biscuits and employed over 3000 people in its time.

Bourbon biscuit was first introduced in India by Britannia in the year 1955. Until the economic boom in the country, Britannia Bourbon remained one of the elite biscuits for the middle class, savoured only on special occasions.

Many of us have fond memories of the Bourbon biscuits. Sanjukta says,

I have a strong allegiance with Britannia biscuits. My nanaji and mama both worked for Britannia.

In our growing up days, whenever mamu visited Delhi he’d bring kilos of broken biscuits he got on staff quota at discounted price. These were assorted broken biscuits from the factory, packed in large brown paper bags.

The excitement we had in unpacking the bags and searching through the pile to find pieces of bourbon remains unmatched in life. Those days of excitement is not to be found again.

What is your favourite biscuit memory?Image Source:


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  1. Rosemary Williams

    My great uncle – Edward Theed worked for Peake Frean and is believed (by the family) to have made the original Bourbon. Each time it was exported the cream had to be made slightly differently to adjust to different climates etc in order to always taste the same.

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