How to choose a social media marketing agency?

Samyukta Media, social media marketing agency in Delhi for small and medium enterprises SMEs MSMEsToday, every other person is calling oneself a ‘social media expert’, or at the least ‘an enthusiast’. Every traditional ad agency, public relation company and web development company has jumped the social media band wagon, never mind the fact that the people behind these companies might have themselves only heard about Facebook and Twitter barely 2 years back.

Half of the people who call themselves social media expert wouldn’t even know when was Facebook or Twitter founded, or what is Yahoo’s Geocities or which was one of the earliest blogging services provided by an Indian company.

Social Media is an organic activity where the individuals matter the most. It is not a production or manufacturing unit, there is no chemical formula or scientific calculations. The social media team, their communication style, understanding of core philosophy of social media – these are the factors that makes a successful social media marketer.

So when you have to choose a social media marketer, amongst the zillions out there, check out the team’s personal social media brand.

Find out, does the agency or its team have a blog of their own? When you Google them, can you find them across multiple social media platforms?

There are  two strong competitive edge with us.

  1. The survival instinct in the process of evolution
  2. Strong branding for the organization via its Founder’s personal brand

2004 onward Sanjukta Basu, founder of Samyukta Media have had first-hand experience of the arrival and growth of new / social media tools and strategies. From the earliest days of blogging on Yahoo’s Geocities, to Rediffblogs, to the technologically advanced; from earlier social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster, Hi5, Yahoo 360, Ryze to the social networking superstar Facebook, and the latest, Pinterest she have been there on almost every platform, used every new media tool that have come, gone and survived.

New players might be quick in learning a technology, but they’d never fully know the philosophy of change and survival secrets needed during change.

Sanjukta also brings her personal branding to the organization, which gives us the edge we needed in a field where the barrier to entry is very low and thus too many players. Sanjukta have received several media accolades from national to international; Formal recognition and awards at international level for industry related activities; She regularly appears at industry related public events as guest speakers, panelists, and also regularly delivers guest lectures media and communication colleges. Sanjukta is a popular blogger and have led many city based bloggers communities in the past.

Samyukta Media was founded by Sanjukta in 2010 and was formally made into a partnership firm in Sep 2011. We are currently in the process of revisiting the company’s legal structure.

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