Social media for the alcohol brands

According ASSOCHAM reports some 6,700 million litres of alcoholic spirits were sold last year, making India the third largest alcohol consumer in the world. The figure expected to cross 19,500 million litres by 2015. Another report by research agency Datamonitor estimates that liquor sales in India will rise from $21.7 billion in 2009 to $39 billion by 2014.

Such a growing marketing for alcohol and the alcohol brands can’t do mainstream media promotion and advertisement. So where are they going?

To the Social Media chatter of course!

Read more on this here

About Sanjukta

Sanjukta Basu is a Feminist Writer, Documentary Photographer and Gender Trainer. Her photography interest lies mainly in travel and documentary photography with focus on social development issues, gender and public space, along with professional documentary style wedding photography. Her literary and photography works have been published by national and international media houses and publications, reaching audiences in France, Canada, Sweden, Germany and more. Her personal blog is a political tool of self-representation, with a visibility of over 570,000 unique page views and 10,000+ followers via social media. In 2009 she was awarded the TED Fellowship for her blogging and community leadership activities. A public speaker she has delivered talks and lectures at TEDx conferences, Universities, Colleges, NGOs. Presently she contributes to media houses like Firstpost, Huffington Post, Women’s Web. She has a bachelor’s degree in Law from Delhi University and is currently pursuing MA in Women and Gender Studies from IGNOU

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