2nd Women Entrepreneurship Conference: A brief report

I was recently invited to speak at the 2nd Women Entrepreneurship Conference held on 15th December at the Lok Manch, Lodi Road, New Delhi. The conference was co-organized by Delhi Management Association and Indus Business Academy.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Women Entrepreneurship Unplugged’ and it had sessions on ‘Emerging Business Opportunities for women,’ ‘Funding Matras,’ and Cost Effective Ways to Create Brand and Sales Leads’

I was fortunate to share the speaker’s table in the 4th session with Dr. Neena Sinha, Professor, GGSIP University, Meena Kapoor, Co-Founder and CEO, Netway India and Astroyogi.com, Seema Giri, COO, Astrowix.com and Pooja Kumar CEO & Founder, SME Networks Pvt Ltd.

2nd Women Entrepreneurship Conference Sanjukta Basu founder, director Samyukta Media

Samyukta Media and I am truly honored and humbled by this memento. This puts a responsibility on our shoulders, we have to perform.

2nd Women Entrepreneurship Conference, Session 4 Panelists, left to right, Pooja Kumar, Dr. Neena Sinha, Seema Giri, Sanjukta Basu

2nd Women Entrepreneurship Conference, Session 4 Panelists, left to right, Pooja Kumar, Dr. Neena Sinha, Seema Giri, Sanjukta Basu

2nd Women Entrepreneurship Conference Sanjukta Basu founder, director Samyukta Media

Some of the other speakers of eminence were Neena Malhotra, President, FICCI Ladies Organization, Ester Martinez, Co-Founder & Managing Editor, People Matters, Sairee Chahal, CEO Fleximoms, RK Das, General Manager SIDBI and others. Here’s complete list of the speakers.

I completely enjoyed the day’s sessions and found them very informative. I particularly liked the session on ‘Funding Mantras.’ It was very motivating to hear the development bankers talk about how banks today are becoming more and more proactive in supporting women entrepreneurs from micro, small and medium enterprises by offering them bank loans. Mr RK Das, General Manager SIDBI gave a handy check list of things one should keep in mind while applying for loan. He talked about collateral free loan and mentioned that for a loan upto Rs. 10 lakhs the bank is not even allowed to ask for collateral.

He further mentioned two important online resources specially designed by SIDBI to handhold young first generation entrepreneurs through the process of seeking a bankloan.

One of the most interesting moments of the day, one of my personal favourites was when Q & A round at the end of 2nd session, a man asked this question to the panel

“How does your husband react to your entrepreneurship ventures?”

Sairee Chahal, CEO Fleximom replied,

“Let me throw the question back to you, when was the last time a man in a similar conference was asked, how does his wife respond to his ventures?”

There would always be sacrifices and adjustment to be made at the family front when you start a venture. For centuries women did all the adjustments, now its time for the men to understand and adjust. If they can’t, well too bad for them!

In my next post I would briefly discuss the fourth session topic and share the details of the talk I gave on “Cost effective ways to build a brand and generate sale leads.”

About Sanjukta

Sanjukta Basu is a Feminist Writer, Documentary Photographer and Gender Trainer. Her photography interest lies mainly in travel and documentary photography with focus on social development issues, gender and public space, along with professional documentary style wedding photography. Her literary and photography works have been published by national and international media houses and publications, reaching audiences in France, Canada, Sweden, Germany and more. Her personal blog is a political tool of self-representation, with a visibility of over 570,000 unique page views and 10,000+ followers via social media. In 2009 she was awarded the TED Fellowship for her blogging and community leadership activities. A public speaker she has delivered talks and lectures at TEDx conferences, Universities, Colleges, NGOs. Presently she contributes to media houses like Firstpost, Huffington Post, Women’s Web. She has a bachelor’s degree in Law from Delhi University and is currently pursuing MA in Women and Gender Studies from IGNOU


  1. Raj K Pathak

    Sanjukta,your presentation was quiet informative and educative indeed.

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