Why brands must engage people to handle their Social Media marketing, and not get BOTS to send auto tweets

A major fire broke out in Kolkata’s AMRI hospital on Friday killing over 90 people almost all of them being patient of the hospital admitted there for various treatment. TOI Reports,

As many as 91 patients and staffers died a horrible death in Kolkata’s well-known hospital when a blaze in the basement engulfed its annexe building early Friday with noxious smoke, trapping helpless patients while doctors and others fled to safety.

This horrific incident is allegedly a result of the utter negligence on the part of the AMRI hospital staff and authorities. As soon as the news were out, Indian people on social media started pouring their outrage and lament over the incident. The Emami group a brand mostly known for its product ‘Fair and Lovely’ is one of the owners of the AMRI hospital. And as the outrage poured on Twitter ‘Emami’ became trending topic because everybody was angry at the brand and suggested people boycott all Emami products.

In between the angry tweets there was this irrelevant auto tweet from the handle @Bipasha Basu Fans:

Bipasha Basu’s New Ads for Emami Vasocare Lip Moisturiser – GET LIPS LIKE BIPS!

And this is why brand must engage actual people to handle their social media marketing and not let BOTs to send auto tweets which are ridiculous and irrelevant. Such tweets are bound to add salt to the wound and can prove very harmful for the brand’s social image.

Here’s how it looked on the twitter stream:

emami bipasha


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  1. This post is totally irrelevant because I manage this fanclub! If you look closely, you’ll see taht I RTd this tweet! btw I tweeted this on 4th Dec! My tweet is a top tweet! That’s y it appeared on 9th Dec!

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