Our story, You write: Social Media Story Contest

This is not the coolest online contest, the prizes are also not worth thousands or millions. But this is our contest, our little effort to involve you in the making of our new website.

We are going to launch our brand new website.The home page of the website would feature a short social media story. We invite you to write that story.

Social Media story contestSee the picture above. This is the opening scene of our story.

Now, use your best imagination and write a story in 200-250 words containing the words ‘samyukta media’.

5 best stories would be up on our website, along with the author’s photo, name, bio and a link to author’s blog (or any other social media identity)

3 best stories would receive gifts from us like CDs, Books, T-shirts.


1. Not too many rules

2. Just observe the picture and write a story. Must add the words ‘Samyukta Media.’ Try to keep within 200 to 250 words.

3. Obtain the contest code from Samyukta Media Facebook Page – Click Here. If you are already part of our page, you would find the code on the Like page here

4. Share your story in any format you prefer, you can email it to ADMIN@SAMYUKTAMEDIA.COM us or put it on your Blog / Facebook and share the link on our Facebook Wall

5. Remember, you must give the contest code to be eligible for the contest.

6. That’s it.

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