Mercedes Benz use of Social Media – Exceprts from an interview with Benz’ Global Social Media Manager

This is an interview conducted by Brian Solis with Eleftherios Hatziioannou the former Global Social Media Manager of Mercedes Benz.

We share with our readers the key points from the interview.

  • It was a 2 year social media strategy at the beginning of which we weren’t even aware of the term social media, but we realized this new medium was something big and cannot be ignored.
  • We started with monitoring what people were talking about our brand on the web, then we prioritize what we want to do with the findings.
  • We started with blogs, social networks, location based services.
  • Social Media forces brands to come out of their comfort zones and this change is never easy. Not even with Mercedes Benz. But one has to begin by understanding what is social media, bit by bit, by opening your own Facebook and Twitter account, starting a blog etc.
  • Less is more – don’t be all over the place, prioritize and chose your platform on which you want to be present.
  • Start by just being present at various places, just be out there for your consumers so that they can talk to your brand.
  • Give your consumers a platform to share their stories, social media is not all about pushing your message to the crowd, its about listening.
  • At Mercedes Benz we never spent a single penny on Facebook Ads or in buying fans. The growth has been organic. But it has taken time.
  • Give the social media community a feeling of being appreciated. We would do things like release a TV commercial exclusively for our Facebook fans ahead of its actual release.

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TED Fellow Sanjukta Basu is a Feminist Writer, Photographer and Gender Trainer. She writes for Huffington Post India, Firstpost among others. Also a public speaker she has spoken at TEDx conferences, universities, colleges, and NGOs.

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