Twitter launched in Hindi: More power to localized grass root level social media

Inclusion and Accessibility remains major concerns in the use of social media by unlikely sectors and users.

Often in our work, when we talk to NGOs operating out of tier two cities or smaller towns and whose work involve grass root level volunteers and stake holders we are faced with two primary concerns, availability of power and the limitations of the English language across the web.

While Facebook has been available in Hindi and 5 other Indian languages for quite some time now, the hugely popular micro blogging site Twitter so far have been inaccessible by non-English users.

That changed today as Twitter launched its Hindi services today on the occasion of Hindi Divas.

This is great news for localized grass root level usage of social media. Organizations which purely work on Hindi can now feel comfortable in taking up the Twitter space.

To use Twitter in Hindi visit and chose your language from the bottom of the website.

twitter in Hindi

If you are already logged in to Twitter and have been using it in English but want to shift to Hindi, go to Settings –> Account –> Languages

Step 1

twitter in Hindi settings

Step 2

Although typing in Hindi and other Indian languages still remain slightly problematic as there are very few easy to use transliteration software available. We found Quillpad.In a good place where you can type in English and it gets converted to Hindi as you type. Quillpad can be used to type in a total of 10 different Indian languages.

Language is one of the greatest enabling as well as disabling tool, so thank you Twitter for enabling a section of the Indian net users to get started with Twitter.


About Sanjukta Basu

TED Fellow Sanjukta Basu is a Feminist Writer, Photographer, Political Analyst and Gender Trainer. Her columns appear on Daily O, Huffington Post India, Firstpost among others. Also a public speaker she has spoken at TEDx conferences, universities, colleges, and NGOs.

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