Live blogging service by Samyukta Media mentioned on The Sunday Guardian

We got featured on an article ‘Event based live blogging is good for a company’s profile‘ on ‘The Sunday Guardian‘ dated 27th March 2011. The article talks about the increasing trend amongst companies to take up live blogging as an important part of their off line events like conferences, workshops etc. The live blogging service given by us to TERI for their Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2011 has got a special mention in the article, along with a quote from our Sutradhaar, Sanjukta.

Below is brief extract from the article. Read the full article here.

According to Sanjukta Basu, the founder of Samyukta Media, another social media consultancy, until a few years ago, organisations had no option but to upload pictures and reports of their events after they were over. “By then, the event loses its significance. Live blogging, on the other hand, creates a lot of buzz. Not only do the participants read the blog; there is also a lot of spontaneous feedback,” says Basu. Her Delhi-based company is the first in the city to offer live blogging as a service. Recently, Basu was hired to blog live for the India Social Summit and the 11th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit-2011 (DSDS) that was organised by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute). “While live blogging one needs to be precise and crisp. To make it more interesting, one should be quick enough to click photographs of the event and upload them immediately,” says Basu.

Live blogging at DSDS was a pilot project to assess the impact of the three-day summit on real-time,” informs Lalima Bose, manger (communication strategy), TERI.


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