Social Media Baithak at Bring Your Own Film Festival, Puri, India

At the annual Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF) in Puri, you have the sea, sand, leisure and movies. We decided to add a little bit of social media to the agenda.

In order to take social media outside the bounds of metro cities, Samyukta Media is taking the Social Media Baithak to Puri, Orissa, for the participants of BYOFF 2011

Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF) is an annual film festival with an unique format. A truly democratic and participatory festival where there is no jury to judge your films. After all if you made a film you have the right to screen it. So cut through the panel / judges / juries. If you have made a film, just bring it along and screen it. Come to BYOFF and find your audience.

Organized in the same participatory and democratic spirit, the ‘social media baithak’ is an informal workshop to share and learn about social media. It is our nonprofit initiative to spread the use of Social Media amongst the unlikely individuals, groups and organizations. By ‘unlikely’ we mean non-profit organizations, small and medium business enterprises, performance artists, visual artists, creative artists, academics, social activists, home makers, senior citizens, differently abled people etc.

Our team mate, documentary film maker Swagat Sen has been one of the founding members of the BYOFF and it is his firm believe that the independent film makers participating at the BYOFF will have a lot to take home from an event like Baithak. It seems not many independent film makers are aware yet aware of social media and how it can be of great help in their work.

The event at Puri is one of our first step towards taking social media outside the bounds of metro cities. With a combination of free informal event like Social Media Baithak & paid service like Social Media Saral, we hope to penetrate non metro cities/towns and take social media to the NGOs / SMEs and other individuals and groups in these cities and towns.

So, come if you know about social media and are willing to share your knowledge and experience.
Come if you have never even heard of social media and are willing to learn about it.

Let’s sip that chai or coffee or even beer and talk about social media


2nd and 23rd Feb 2011
BYOFF 2011, Pink House (on-Beach Hotel)
Puri, Orissa, India

BYOFF is on from 21st to 25th Feb, 2011. There is no last date for film submission, you can even come on 24th with your film. For more details and to pre-register visit the official website.

PS. As some of our readers know, Social Media Baithak was co-founded last year in partnership with Dhyaan Design. Although, that partnership is no longer active, we have taken the initiative forward on our own two shoulders. With the change in the organizing committee, we have also introduced some changes in the structure of the Baithak, it is now more inclusive and flexible. Let us know if you also want to organize a Baithak in your community.

Lastly, our only source of inspiration is your Retweets, Shares and Likes. So please show us some love.



  1. Anwesh

    great initiative . pls continue your endeavour

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