Live Blogging: A niche service by Samyukta Media

live blogging service Samyukta Media is proud to launch LIVE BLOGGING as a niche social media service. We have previously discussed the importance of LIVE BLOGGING for any kind of event. With this new service we continue with our efforts to make Live Blogging a mainstream social media activity at all levels. Sanjukta brings to the table 4-5 years of experience in Live Blogging. Below are our packages and rates.

The package:

  • Physical presence at the venue of event from start to end
  • Live blog posts created or updated every 15 to 30 mins
  • Client’s choice of blog platform
  • Live photography and videography to record participant’s reaction, quick feedback etc. to go with the related blog posts
  • Hourly twitter update using Samyukta Media Twitter ID directing twitter traffic to Live blogs

Please check below some of the sample of the work

IIA Noida ChapterEvent Blog set up for IIA Noida Expo and Live Blogging services provided 

  Official Social Media and Live Blogging Partner of the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2011 organized by TERI (The Energy Resources Institute’s )
Live Blog
  Doon University’s Events Live Blog

aspbae-50-logoYouth and Inclusivity Workshop conducted by PRIA and ASPBAE Live blogged by Sanjukta In her capacity as PRIA’s Communication Officer. The blog was designed, created by Sanjukta 

image Workshop on ‘Creating High Impact and Digital Initiatives in India’organised by ITHAKA / Jstor8th to 10th December 2010 in Bangalore, India.

Live blog posts available on This is My truth | Day 1 | Day 2

image Official Live Blogger for the India Social Summit 2010,17th December 2010, New Delhi.Live blog posts available on India Social Summit website.
image TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 201021st to 23rd December, New Delhi.Live blog posts available on TIMT
image Barcamp Bangalore 5 – Day 1Barcamp Bangalore 5 – Day 2
image Photography Workshop by Bangalore Weekend Shoots, 15th March 2008, Bangalore.
Resources persons, Vinayak Das and Dr. Vivek M.
image Ooty Coonoor Trip By Let’s Go Bangalore 14th August 2008

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