What is live tweeting and live blogging? Sample Global Indian Music Awards 2010

Live social media coverage of your events, shows, conferences, workshops and other off line activities by using Twitter and event blog has become an integral part of event management. An organization simply cannot afford to not have the event covered online. Below are some relevant points related to live blogging and live tweeting your event.

Why is LIVE BLOGGING important?

  • Constant updates about your event via blog and Twitter means more web content, more search engine attention.
  • If the event is a prolonged event like 2-3 days there are great opportunities of forming online fan communities around the event. These fans can give a viral effect to your events, on the web the more people mention the name of your event the better it is. If 10 fans are talking about the event they will automatically engage their followers into the conversation. On Twitter fans can exchange their reactions and feedback and that would prompt other people who were not following the event coverage to start to follow.
  • Two strangers might be able to connect with each other if both are following your event updates and this would an emotional connect with your brand.

Tools to use: There are many tools that can be used. Most common are, Twitter, Co-Tweet, Cover It Live, pre-decided event blog, Youtube, FlickrSlide Share


  • On Twitter you should always pre decide a has tag relevant for the event  and ensure that all updates carry that tag. Ask followers to use the tag in all their conversations. If enough people use the tag it might become a trending topic which means it would be able to grab attention of milllions of Twitter users.
  • Live blogging should be done on an event blog. Event blog usually should have pre event coverage, live blogging and post event coverage. Live blogging must have interesting photos and videos.
  • Post photos and videos on Flickr and Youtube respectively and link them to the event blog. This way you will be able to bring traffic from these other sources. Sometimes a picture can work as a great crowd puller.
  • If the event is a conference and there are presentations or .pdf documents that can be shared, upload them on Slide Share.

There are many more big and small tricks and tips of live blogging and social media coverage in our kitties. If you are about to organize an event, don’t forget to call us.

Here is a sample live tweeting: The first Global Indian Music Awards aired on ‘Colors’ on 5th Dec 2010.

[A free advice for GIMA from this award winning social media consultant, it is not enough to merely create social media profiles like Twiter and Facebook, effective conversation is the key. The live tweets that we did should have actually been done by GIMA using their Twitter account. While there were so many people on twitter yesterday responding positively to the show, I think few of them knew that GIMA has a Twitter account. If they did they would have immediately started to follow GIMA because most had liked the show.]

  • Wow #GIMA is trending. Good thing. I really liked the show and an award ceremony dedicated to music alone was much needed.
  • Best Film Album: goes to Shantanu Moitra for 3 Idiots #GIMA
  • Best film song goes to Ekta Seth for Iktara from Wake Up Sid. #GIMA
  • Last segment of awards now. Best music director for a film goes to Vishal Bharadwaj for Kaminay #GIMA
  • @harshilkaria Fav sonu imitation was that of Adnan Sami, kabhi tum wazan badao, kabhi tum wazan ghatao LOL @additiyom #GIMA 10:50 PM Dec 5th via web in reply to harshilkaria
  • @additiyom @harshilkaria ditto. Sonu was the best. Laughed so much after such a long time. #GIMA 10:48 PM Dec 5th via web in reply to additiyom
  • It is a bit odd to have Salmaan in music & dance show coz he can’t dance, but then who can compete with those signature moves. #GIMA
  • Salmaan on stage with his Dabangg numbers. Also present sonakshi #GIMA
  • “In dino sar mera, baalo se hai bhara, kyon du main kata” sonu’s impersonation of Pritam. Hilarious.
  • Sonu does hilarious impersonation of AR Rahman. Rahman doesn’t look happy :P up next is sonu as Himesh Reshmiya. This is good fun
  • I don’t know how its happening but isn’t there two son nigam’s on stage? Guys? #GIMA
  • Sonu Nigam does hilarious spoof on all the other stars… right now its on Shankar Mahadevan. #GIMA
  • On stage now, Sonu Nigam. Doing a hilarious act. #GIMA
  • Best Male playback goes to Shaan for ‘bahati hawa sa tha woh’ it was a tough competition with Atif Aslam, Sonu Nigam, Rahat. #GIMA
  • Best female playback award goes to Kavita Seth, presented by Salman and Ritesh. #GIMA
  • Significant people missing from the show, Alisha Chinai, Himesh Reshamiya. There’ll be more am sure. #GIMA
  • And now a standstill moment, performance by none other than Kareena Kapur.
  • They have an award for the caller tune of the year, goes to “Kaminey” Cute. #GIMA
  • Winner Shantanu Moitra for All is well from 3 Idiots. #GIMA
  • Usha Utthup on stage. I met her at TED and since then I don’t like her. Sorry. Anyway next award is for Most pop song on Red FM #GIMA
  • Next award, Hindustan Times Readers Choice, song of the year. Loads of nominations. Winner: Kavita Seth for Iktara from Wake Up Sid #GIMA
  • @additiyom No I was wowing coz I thought she doesn’t really have a use for it. She doesn’t look like the Cruz type :P 9:56 PM Dec 5th via web in reply to additiyom
  • @gulpanag Little more than ‘light’ jacket if you going out in evenings. It has got quite chilly + u can never underestimate Dilli ki sardi 9:52 PM Dec 5th via web in reply to gulpanag
  • Chevrolet presented Lataji with a Cruz. WOW!!
  • It is not hidden from the world that Lata and Asha has an undercurrent of discomfort with each other. Its kinda sad. #GIMA
  • I don’t kno why Rahman still hasn’t picked up some hindi. Not fair dude, ur life is about Bollywood & u can’t speak one line in Hindi
  • Lata’s sister, another legend of the Bollywood music industry, Asha Bhosle touching Lata’s feet and taking Ashirwaad. #GIMA
  • Lataji and AR Rahman coming on stage for the Life time achievement award. And its a standing ovation. #GIMA
  • Beautifully sung, ‘ek pyaar ka nagma hai’ by Shankar Mahadevan at #GIMA
  • I think they should also have a “Music Pirate of the year” award and presently it should go to Pritam. #GIMA
  • Shankar Mahadevan on stage paying tribute to Lata, singing “ek pyaar ka nagma hai” #GIMA (I love Shankar, just FYI)
  • #GIMA Life time achievement award. Must be going to Lata, who else. Very predictable
  • Maharashtra govt has made a bold move, treating music & film piracy crimes as serious as drug peddling, says sajid. #GIMA
  • Sajid Khan walking to the audience, he picked up somebody’s mobile / purse. Setting context to give message against Piracy.
  • @additiyom I am around, take a flight once in a while but can never get rid of this sinful addiction, this twitter :P 9:21 PM Dec 5th via web
  • I think Saif isn’t that bad with the guitar, no? #GIMA
  • Ok even I made a mistake, the Kailash Kher album was Chaandan Mein. Chaandan means Chandni (moon light) #GIMA
  • Performance by Pritam and Saif Ali Khan (on the Guitar) #GIMA
  • Best popular song album, goes to Kailash Kher ‘Chandan Mein’
  • @additiyom I was just about to say the same.. #GIMA seems to be a good initiative. There r so many songs I didn’t even know exist 9:13 PM Dec 5th via web in reply to additiyom
  • Best non film song – nominees adnan sami, mohit chauhan, sunidhi chauhan etc. winner SEL & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for Aman ki Asha #GIMA
  • Host Sajid Khan as always at his silly but funny jokes. Shreyas Talpade is co-host, equally funny. #GIMA
  • This is Lata Mangeshkar’s first Non filmy award.. wow, really!! #GIMA
  • Up next they have Best Devotional Album, awarded to Shri Hanuman Chalisa, artists Lata and Usha Mangeshkar
  • It seems attempt of this event is to give awards in categories which r like not commercial, just announced Best Semi Classical album #gima
  • Kailash Kher performing. Its quite a star studded event, almost everybody from th bollywood music industry is here + Salman, Kareena #GIMA
  • Watching Global Indian Music Awards on Colors.

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TED Fellow Sanjukta Basu is a Feminist Writer, Photographer, Political Analyst and Gender Trainer. Her columns appear on Daily O, Huffington Post India, Firstpost among others. Also a public speaker she has spoken at TEDx conferences, universities, colleges, and NGOs.


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