Social Media Baithak: UK’s social media surgery comes to New Delhi

Social Media Baithak is an informal gathering of people coming together with the cause of taking Social Media to the Non-profit industry.

The event will bring experts from the field of Social Media on one hand and non-profit organizations, independent artists and activists on the other together on a common platform to discuss various aspects of Social Media as a powerful tool for online campaigns and collaborations.

There is no fixed structure for the event but it will largely consist of informal face to face conversations between a Social Media knowledge provider at one hand and a knowledge seeker on the other. The idea is to create a comfortable space for the Non-profit industry to make an entry point into the world of social media. Inter-community networking will be a natural outcome of the event.

The event is loosely based on the concept of ‘Social Media Surgery’ an informal idea that has spread across United Kingdom in the last one and a half year and is gaining popularity by the day. Various city based bloggers and social media user groups across UK have held independent surgeries in various cities such as Cardiff, Central Birmingham, Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds, Yardley, York and one across border in Africa.

We have partnered with York based Abhay Adhikari, founder of Dhyaan Design who organized the first Social Media Surgery in York in December 2009. The initiative in York now receives support by the Learning City York consortium which includes the City of York council. With this partnership we bring the idea of a social media surgery to India (with necessary contextual modifications) along with Abhay’s expertise in conducting such an event.

The event will consist of face to face conversations in small teams of 3 each (1 expert 2 participant). There are seats for 20 NGO (includes individual activists and artistes) participants and 10 social media experts. The simple equation is explained in the poster above. Each social media expert will volunteer their time  and have engaging conversations with 2 NGO participants. We have two participants for each expert as opposed to one-on-one sessions so as to have a sense of collective knowledge sharing as well as focussed need based discussions.

The event is a free there is no participation charge and the social media experts are not paid any money to volunteer their time. Since we have limited seats, registration is compulsory for the NGO participant.

For registration please visit the first Social Media Baithak registration page on Eventbrite.

Please share the event information with any organisation or individual who you think might be benefited from this event.

We are on facebook, please join us


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