Thank you

The long road ahead for us, what's around that turn?

This is the big day, the official announcement happened on Sanjukta’s Blog. We feel like we are just born and we know there is a long road ahead.

Thank you for taking time out to visit this site. It is not very fancy but we hope you liked it. If you did, please help us spread the word.

We need your help in reaching out to the right people, people who are lost in the chaotic word of social media and have no clue which way to go. People who cannot afford to hire a digital service provider but want to learn how to use the freely available social media tools. If you know anybody like that please refer us.

We also need your words of encouragement and suggestions. Some people don’t like our website which is not a website and that is the problem, some also don’t like the name. What do you think? Tell us.

Follow us on Twitter so we can keep you updated with our progress @SamyuktaMedia

Our Facebook page is coming soon.


About Sanjukta Basu

TED Fellow Sanjukta Basu is a Feminist Writer, Photographer, Political Analyst and Gender Trainer. Her columns appear on Daily O, Huffington Post India, Firstpost among others. Also a public speaker she has spoken at TEDx conferences, universities, colleges, and NGOs.

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